Whatever you do, make sure you keep your Blog up to date!

I’ve been very busy this summer.  Not all of it feels like “art”.  Like doing some long overdue housekeeping in the printing studio.

Then there was the broken water line at the studio.  We elected to drill for water.

You still have to run water lines between the buildings.

Then there was the “Beef-out”, an event put on by The Greenhorns ( http://www.thegreenhorns.net ) down the road from the studio.  I made a beef marinade for the event featuring locally produced Applejack from Harvest Spirits ( http://www.harvestspirits.com ).  The Greenhorns were at Sharptown Press earlier in the summer for a printing tutorial.

There were numerous printing projects to plow through.

In addition to visitors to the studio complex (who put up with the sketchy water supply.)

There was a lot of prep work getting the “Adjusted Abstraction” series of woodcuts ready for the “Elements of Art” show at Thompson Giroux Gallery ( http://www.thompsongirouxgallery.com ) which opened on the first day of Autumn (and runs through November 4.)

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