Turn Right at the Fork

Last week I delivered the “Elemental” series of wood engravings to Alison Hill’s Gallery on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine.  They will be there for the summer.   Generally, Hill Studio is open 1:00 to 5:00 daily.  It’s less than a 15 minute walk (there are no vehicles on this island) from the dock.  If you are going to make the trek, check out Alison’s website: http://www.alisonhill.net/ and give her a call to make sure she is going to be there (207-596-7231) as a doctor or a dentist appointment can be a two day endeavor.  First time visitors to the Island might want to check out Monhegan Associates wesite: http://www.monheganwelcome.com   A portion of the proceeds of the sale of any of my work at Hill Studio will be donated to Monhegan Associates to help protect and preserve  Monhegan Island.







To get to Hill Studio, first of all, get a map at the wharf.  Head out past the church and Monhegan House (http://www.monheganhouse.com/ – great place to stay and/or have breakfast.  It fills up pretty quick for July and August.) on Lobster Cove Road, turn right at the fork.  Hill Studio will be on your left in a few hundred feet. You will also enjoy seeing Alison’s work in person.

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